Having the look and feel of wood on your home’s siding can give it a lot of character. But when your home has wood siding there are all sorts of problems that can arise. It will constantly need painting to keep the look up. You also will need to inspect it for insect damage as termites and other insects will destroy the siding quickly. There is a way to get the look and feel of wood siding without all these drawbacks however. It’s called James Hardie siding and it’s one of the best siding products available today. Here at Home Pros Plymouth we can install James Hardie siding products on your home and give you that amazing wood look and feel with James Hardie siding.

James Hardie Siding Products at Home Pros Plymouth

The siding products that James Hardie offers has huge advantages over their wood counterparts. They have the look of wooden siding without all the problems that wood has. The siding that James Hardie offers is made from a fiber cement which is extremely durable and long lasting. It’s also available in color bonded panels so you have a huge selection of colors to choose from.

James Hardie Siding Systems Offers Complete Siding Products

The siding that is offered by James Hardie comes in a variety of styles. You can get wood grain, smooth, grooved, and many more styles. Combined with other products, James Hardie company offers everything you need to make your home look great. And Home Pros Plymouth can ensure that the products are installed correctly on your home.

Along with siding, you can also get matching trim boards for your James Hardie siding. Just like the fiber cement boards, the other products are also color bonded. This color bonding ensures that the siding doesn’t fade and resists cracking or chipping. They are bonded within a controlled environment so all the colors match perfectly even if they were made months apart from each other. This uniform color and style makes it a great choice for your home. You don’t need to worry about paint not matching correctly or the siding looking differently in different areas. This is one of the best features of James Hardie siding products.

At Home Pros Plymouth we offer installation of James Hardie siding and many of their other products. We can install siding on your home exterior. We can also install the trim boards which help the look of the home when James Hardie siding is installed. Our professional installers can give you a home exterior you can be extremely proud of and one that looks amazing.

And the best part is you don’t need to worry about maintenence of the siding. Unlike wood, James Hardie siding is meant to last decades without any maintenence. Insects, rot, warping, and paint fade are all properties of wooden siding. With James Hardie siding you don’t need to worry about any of those problems which is why we recommend it at Home Pros Plymouth.

If you’re ready to give your home the look and feel of wooden siding without all the headaches, be sure to call Home Pros Plymouth today and let’s discuss getting James Hardie siding on your home. Call us at 734-548-9911