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Why not combine style with security. Although first impressions are lasting, your front door is the first and possibly the last feature visitors will notice about your home as they enter and exit. Doors by definition fill open entryways, spaces to enter and exit. Let’s create a ‘grand’ entrance and ‘exit’ to your home.

Home Pros Plymouth, has been providing home improvement and remodeling services to property owners for more than 21 years. We are Plymouth, Michigan’s epicenter for home improvements and are local here in Plymouth, Michigan. Our professional designers, craftsman and business professionals can handle any home improvement or remodeling project.

You will probably have your entry door for close to two decades. It is important to carefully select the door piece by piece. By this we mean, there are some very specific considerations:

1. Consider options that compliment the style and location of your home
2. Choose sturdy, durable doors that will provide security and last
3. Choose a door that is high-quality and simply well-built

Options that Compliment the Style and Location of Your Home
An entry door of a home can say a lot about you as the homeowner.

• A bright colored door might suggest you are not afraid to make a statement.
• An ornate or decorative steel or glass door might mean the homeowner has elegant taste.
• And, a plain wooden door might say you appreciate the simple things in life.

So, what does your entry door say about you? If you feel it does not say much, maybe it’s time to spruce up your home’s appearance. At Home Pros Plymouth, our design and home improvement experts can guide you through the process of creating the entrance that matches your home’s style and décor while staying within the trends of your neighborhood.

Sturdy, Durable Doors that Provide Security and Longevity
Entry doors made of steel or fiberglass are your best options for the security they offer.

Steel Doors – One of the main benefits of installing a steel entry door is the security it provides. Steels doors are strong and very durable. They really provide unmatched protection from burglary and other types of forced entry. In addition, the impact rating option of a steel door gives them the ability to protect your home against damage due to severe weather from storms, heavy winds, rain and flying debris.

Fiberglass Doors –This type of door is visually more appealing and can also add to the ‘curb appeal’ of your home. A fiberglass door can come in many looks and textures so as to provide the look of high-grade wood for a natural looking appearance.

Fiberglass doors can be very smooth. Painting based on color preference is easy. These doors are also generally made from environmentally friendly materials and come with warranties

Doors of High-Quality
Entry doors don’t have to be expensive to be of good quality. Supplies, however, used to finish and install your door can add to the quality of your door. Some of the more common pieces are:

• Trim
• Hardware such as handles, locks and hinges
• Mouldings

Trim is a decorative feature. It can be architectural in nature and odd style and beauty to any door. Trim can be painted or made from metal.

Hardware adds beauty and style to your door but is usually functional in nature. Most suppliers have many styles to choose from. Hardware can be costly but definitely adds to the overall appeal of the look of your door. Good quality hardware can last for the life of your door.

Mouldings are mostly functional in nature but so very important. Good fitting mouldings are important to insulating your home from the elements outside. Cutting edges on moulding is never advised.

Schedule an appointment with one of our entry door specialists. Attention to detail, integrity and a sense of pride in satisfying you, our valued customer, is our reputation and standard for more than 21 years.

Home Pros Plymouth is your local home improvement expert here in Plymouth, Michigan, serving Plymouth and the surrounding communities. We treat your home as if it were our own and attribute our longevity in the home improvement and remodeling business to excellent service at competitive pricing. We invite you to join our many satisfied customers.