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Get a Backup Generator Installed by Home Pros Plymouth

Storms come and go and are part of nature. There will be storms that hit our area that will cause the power to go out and the homes that are prepared for this won’t have much to worry about. But the homes that aren’t are typically faced with no heating or cooling, no lights, and no way to keep food cold for extended periods of time.

But you can be prepared for the lights going out by having a backup generator installed in your Plymouth Michigan home. They are not very expensive to have installed and can power your entire home when the power goes out. Home Pros Plymouth offers installation of a backup generator for Plymouth Michigan homes at a great price and can install one in your home to help you with power outages.

Get a Backup Generator Installed by Home Pros Plymouth

Don’t let just anyone install a backup generator in your home. Backup generators are directly connected to the power circuitry in your home. It does this to provide power to all the electrical outlets and to monitor that power that’s being supplied by the electric company. Having a licensed, certified electrical technician to install the backup generator is crucial to your home staying safe. Home Pros Plymouth only uses licensed, certified technicians to install backup generators in your home. Even if you don’t choose Home Pros Plymouth to install your generator make sure the installers are licensed and certified to do the install.

How Does The Backup Power Generator Work?

Having a backup generator in your home means you’ll have power even when others on your block may not. They work by first monitoring the power that is being supplied by the electric company. When the sensors on the unit detect that there is a power drop it will engage the generator to start producing power. The power that is generated is then stored in batteries (depending on model). The power in the batteries is then supplied to the home. Typically this process happens without the home owner ever knowing that the power went off.

The sound that the generator makes is minimal and likely not heard inside the home as well making it an excellent choice to power your home and also let you enjoy watching a movie.

Ready to Protect Yourself From the Next Power Outage?

Are you ready to protect yourself and your family from the next power outage? Then contact Home Pros Plymouth today and let us discuss what options are available for your home. We only use top quality products and our installed are licensed, certified, and bonded in the Plymouth Michigan area. Give us a call today at 734-548-9911 or send us an email here.