At Home Pros Plymouth we give you quality work and exceptional customer service. We also offer some of the industry leading building products. One of the product lines we offer is from CertainTeed. CertainTeed is one of the leading building material providers in the United States. They offer quality products that are built for beauty and durability. We can work with CertainTeed products to make your home a place you can be proud of and enjoy each day.

CertainTeed Building Materials at Home Pros Plymouth

If you live in the Plymouth Michigan or surrounding areas we would love to discuss how CertainTeed products can make your home better. They offer many different home improvement products to choose from and they can really make a difference in your home’s appearance. Many of the products that CertainTeed offers are supported by our installers and we can install your products professionally and quickly. Here are just a few advantages of using the CertainTeed product line.

Best in Class Building Product Warranties

One of the best features of CertainTeed products is the warranties that they have on their products. In fact, they offer some of the industry leading warranties on their products. They stand behind their products and it shows just how durable they can be. Be sure to ask about the manufacturers warranty when Home Pros Plymouth installs any CertainTeed product in your home.

Interior and Exterior Building Products

CertainTeed doesn’t just offer one specific product or product line. They have many products that are designed to be used in your next home improvement project. They have both interior and exterior products for your home and can cover many of the home major building materials. Below I’ll list a few of the products that CertainTeed offers.

Roofing – A host of roofing products including residential and commercial roofing systems

Siding – Want a new look to your home? CertainTeed offers an entire line of siding for your home including vinyl siding and cedar shakes.

Trim – Get that extra touch with great looking trim on your home. CertainTeed offers trim for your home that goes well with the siding that they offer. You can choose from all sorts of styles and colors for your home. They even offer column wrappers and railings to complete the look of your porch or front entrance.

Sheathing – Need to cover a wall? The sheathing products that CertainTeed offers can cover walls completely. From house wrap to gypsum board for the interior of your home, CertainTeed has you covered.

Fencing and Railing – Getting a railing system that is sturdy and also stylish is easy with CertainTeed fencing and railing products. They offer a variety of style to choose from and they can give you a low maintenance, high quality fence and railing system for your home.

When you’re ready to step up your home then choose CertainTeed. For quality installation of CertainTeed products and satisfaction guaranteed you’ll need to call us at Home Pros Plymouth. We can install any of the CertainTeed products offered and give you quality work that you can be proud of. Call Home Pros Plymouth¬†today to discuss your next home improvement project at 734-548-9911