Roof Leak Repair in Michigan

Do You Need Roof Leak Repair in Michigan?

July 24, 2017 Blog

Water leakage or moisture may start out as a stain on your ceiling or as a drip around a light fixture.  You may try to convince yourself, it is a one-time occurrence or that it will simply evaporate.  It is certainly possible your air conditioner or a window is the cause of the leak. However, to be sure, it’s best to call Home Pros Plymouth to make sure you don’t have any leaks. Roof leak repair in Michigan can be done quickly when you call the professionals at Home Pros Plymouth.

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Home Improvement Plymouth MI

Home Pros Plymouth Can Help with Almost Any Home Improvement Project You Have in Mind

June 13, 2017 Blog

Whether you need a new roof installed on your home or you want to boost the energy efficiency of your home by installing vinyl replacement windows, Home Pros Plymouth can help. We service much of the southeastern Michigan area and offer many different home improvement services to help make your home more secure, energy efficient, and beautiful. We offer free estimates on all the home improvement services we offer so you’ll know just what to expect before we even start the project. If you have a home improvement project in mind be sure to give us a call and we can discuss the details with you. I’ll go over some of the services we offer in this article. 

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Flooring Installation – Plymouth, Michigan

Want Your Attic Remodeled in Plymouth Michigan? Let Us Help

May 23, 2017 Blog

An attic remodel in your home can add much more space and a needed extra room. But it can also add lots of value to your home as well. When you get an attic remodel done on your home you essentially add another bedroom which can make it more valuable. Some attic remodels also include adding a bathroom to the attic as well which can increase the value even more. For home owners in Plymouth, Michigan, getting an attic remodel done by a qualified home improvement contractor means you should consider Home Pros Plymouth. We are rated the best home improvement contractor in Plymouth, Michigan. And we are the best option for attic remodel in Plymouth Michigan because we have many years of experience and we offer the best prices around for high quality work.

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Green Roofing Plymouth MI

Going Green With Plymouth, Michigan Roofing

May 22, 2017 Blog

When the phrase “green living” is tossed around, homeowners are often intrigued. Green living is trending with more homes being constructed and remodeled with a variety of eco-friendly designs and components. Roofing options are no exception. However, green roofing models can go far beyond using materials that improve energy-efficiency and use environmentally friendly elements. A green roof can actually be a living roof. Just as landscape needs vary according to geography and local climate conditions, a Plymouth, Michigan roofing project that involves a living, green roof will have certain maintenance requirements.

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New Roof Install in Plymouth MI

4 Reasons to Look for Roofing in Plymouth, Michigan

April 28, 2017 Blog

In many ways, taking care of your roof is similar to getting a doctor’s check up. You know you should do it to care of your (and your home’s long-term health), but might stay away from it because of fears that not everything is the way it should be.

And yet, caring for your roof, much like caring for yourself, is crucial. Regardless of whether your home has a relatively new roof or has functioned with the same one since it was built, working with roofing contractors is the only way you can ensure that your home is safe and dry not just now, but for years to come.

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New Roof Installation Plymouth Michigan

Get a New Roof Installation in Plymouth MI

April 25, 2017 Blog

You have decided the time has come to replace your roof.   With the planning and guidance from a roofing contractor who has experience and expertise in roofing, this seemingly monumental project can be streamlined and completed with ease and to your total satisfaction, guaranteed.

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Attic Remodel Plans in Plymouth Michigan

5 Things You Can Do with Your Attic in Plymouth MI

April 8, 2017 Blog

Creating a new area in your home without adding onto the exterior is a great way to increase your floor space without spending a huge amount of money. One way to do this is with an attic remodel in Plymouth Michigan. If your home is like most homes chances are your attic isn’t being used and it’s likely a place where old boxes and other items are stored. So why not transform this space into something much more useful? In this article  I’ll go over 5 things that you can do with your attic to make it better and more useful. 

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Top Roofing Trends For 2017

April 6, 2017 Blog

Although shingles and other roofing materials may look the same year after year, the reality is that innovations in the industry are always happening. New methods, materials and design are the hallmarks of a modern roof. If you are in the market for roof repair or full replacement, Plymouth Roofing wants to share with you the top roofing trends for 2017.

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Windows in Michigan

Need Vinyl Windows in Michigan? We Can Help!

March 25, 2017 Blog

Window technology has come a long way in the past few decades. In fact, in recent years there have been some advancements in windows that make those installed just over a decade ago less energy efficient. Getting new vinyl windows in Michigan can make your home look great and also be more energy efficient and Home Pros Plymouth can certainly provide that for you. We are a full service window installation contractor in Michigan and can offer you fully qualified window installation for new vinyl replacement windows in Michigan. We also offer free estimates on window installation if you’re just curious and wanting to look deeper into new windows for your home. 

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Vinyl Siding Contractors in Plymouth Michigan

Vinyl Siding Contractors in Plymouth Michigan

March 4, 2017 Blog

When the siding outside of your property begins to fade and starts to look damaged, it’s time to do something about it. If you want the value of your home to continually increase, you need to keep it well-maintained. So, if your cement starts cracking in your driveway; your floors are peeling; or your windows don’t open and close right, those are all signs you need to find a home improvement contractor in your area. And not just any company, either. You need one that comes highly recommended for labor, products and workmanship. By visiting a website called Home Pros Plymouth, you will be unknowingly doing research on the best vinyl siding contractors in Plymouth MI.

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